Upcoming Events!

[LSA] EliiteMemes a posted Mon at 10:00

Hey, all! Are you all prepared for some awesome new and crazy events to happen? I sure hope so because it's happening! Over the next few weeks the BioCraft staff team will be hosting events accross all servers and we would love to see you all there! All the information is listed bellow so read it carefully to make sure you dont miss out on anything cool!


Haystack Event @ 4pm EST on Saturday!

You will be racing other players to collect the most flowers from chest scattered around the map!

You will only have a certain amount of time to collect as many flowers as you can before the time runs out!

All the flowers will be worth different amounts of points, the player with the most points when the time runs out wins!


Boat Launch Event @ 5pm EST on Sunday!

Test your boating skills with this challenging boat obstacle course!

You will have to steer your way through a challenging set of obsticals while trying to avoid players in a race to the finish line! if you crash or fall off you must restart!

The first 3 players to cross the finish line win!

MeggyMooCow awesomeness99900?
[T King] unclassy Any word on a creative event/reset?

Factions Reset

[LSA] EliiteMemes a posted Jul 8, 17

Hello everyone! As I'm sure some of you have heard, myself and the other staff members have been working on a new map for the Factions Reset!

We have decided to add some new things and bring back some old stuff, as well as The Diamond Block Warzone, CustomCraft Arrows, RandomBosses and many more!

Our scheduled release date is Saturday July 15th so get ready for the grind and a bunch of awesome events!

HotelCalifornia Hey dude nice ideas! Where did you get em??
[Prem] thetellytubby Looks brilliant ! can't wait for the reset.
[Staff] Rusty_Craft18 o that moment when you notice the person who posted it misspelled the word "myslef" lol

Hey, all! As some of you have seen we have added 3 new high staff ranks, an Event Manager (EliiteMemes) who will be dealing with all server wide and normal servers like towny and peaceful events on the event server. 

Media Manager (MrFreeze001will be dealing with all media site's of the server, our twitter our facebook etc All YouTubers/Twitch users etc.

Staff Manager (MysticAngelWill be dealing with mainly staff stuff, promoting/demoting staff with the Head-Admins input, arranging meetings etc.

Following all that we will also be making changes to the rules and staff within the next 2 weeks, hopefully making it easier on the staff jobs.

On Monday the whole network will restart for some changes made to the proxy but should be back up within 5 mins unless any issues happens but if any do happen be sure to check the forums as I will keep you updated.

[Staff] armorcadet alright thanks raiders! Gl all LSA's with new positions!