Hello Fellow BioCrafters,

Are you prepared for the BioCraft Towny Hunger Games?

Battle it out @ 5pm EST on Sunday!!

Come on and enjoy the server all weekend long with

the staff team!



[Emp] BrianC221 I think I'll be there

During Friday some servers may not be available to everyone as we plan on moving server host to another machine we currently own. While that is happening, we will be using that time to add support for Minecraft 1.12 which was recently released. We will also be adding a new domain for Bio's server which will be, aswell as keeping the same domain as we currently have.

We have started doing the faction reset on the test server which has been halted for the time being till we have moved servers ect, more details on the reset will be released near the time of release.

[vip] Rusty_Craft18 Will skyblock be resetting as well, if so can we get an ETA for it? thank you. -Rusty


Towny Reset happened yesterday and surprisingly it went very well, I've fixed all the main issues this morning when I came on to my knowledge, As always if you find an issue please let me or a higher staff member know.

With the reset not much has changed, besides the version, We have added a marketplace for you guys to rent out and sell items to other players, if you get caught storing items in the plots we will remove the whole plot.

One thing I would like to say is that I'm really sorry that we didn't release when I said, I had a busy day with family around and then sleep asleep.


Prison will be going back up for everyone to join after I've finished the /ranks command to show the new prices as I've just checked over everything to make sure it is all fine.


We've added a new addition to the server that some of you have already fount out about, We have added slimefun if you've seen or played tekkit you will love slimefun, there's soo much to do within the plugin, new tools, new armor and even machines! 

We have disabled all the op stuff those to balance it all out, list below.

  1. Explosive bow.

  2. All soulbound stuff.

  3. Seismic axe.

  4. Portable crafter.

  5. Explosive pickaxe.

  6. Reinforced armor.

  7. Gilded iron armor.

  8. Pick axe of containment.

  9. Pick axe of the seeker.

  10. Tailsman of the wizard.

  11. Wither assembler.

  12. Hologram projector.

  13. Jet Boots/Jet Packs.

  14. Scroll of Dimensional Teleposition.


Currently, we are bidding on advertising to get sponsored slots which will start on the 12th if we get it, Which the bidding closes in 3 hrs for that, Then the next bidding we have 5 days to finish so we are doing our best to get both sites for the time being. Voting is currently being worked on on the test server so that will be ready tomorrow at some point.

MattDog99123 what happened to bio it used to be good now its crap?
troy19782011 When will prison be up again?
[Prem] utterablefire Any word on when prison will be up? I don't really feel like playing any of the other options on the server.